Happy Sustainable New Year

I am not really a person that makes big overarching resolutions for the new year, but I wanted to share with you what I am doing. I am committed to doing better: Every time I go out to buy something in the new year I will make a conscious decision to “do” better.

This “doing better” also applies to my daily habits, which get a year-end review and assessment. In other words, which small habits need to change, in order to make my next year even better?

I must confess that my New Year planning starts before January 1st. I like to take the Christmas decorations down before the beginning of the year, in order to start with a clean slate inside my house. There will be far less going back into my storage this year, as I donated more than four bins of Christmas decorations that had not been used for at least two years. All of the remaining inside decorations will be carefully stored and brought to the attic. I don’t take the outdoor lights and decorations down until mid-January, as I feel such joy when I drive up to my home at night and see all the lights adding color to the winter darkness. By putting all the decorations away by December 31, it allows my space to feel new and expansive.

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