Attack Email with a Battle Plan

When working on emails do you lose hours of time and wonder what you accomplished when you’re done? Do you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle before you even begin? You’re not alone. Most of my clients and attendees at my presentations fight the same battle. So what should you do? Formulate a battle plan for how you will attack emails every day.
Set specific times each day to check email

Start by estimating how much time you currently spend on email and write it down. Then decide how many times a day you need to check email. This will differ depending on your profession and how crucial emails are in your job. A Realtor may need to check her email 10 times a day, whereas a massage therapist may only need to check his email 2-3 times a day. You decide.

Do the math

Now take the total amount of time and divide it by how many times a day you intend to check email. You now have your email time-frames. Here’s an example:

Currently spending 180 minutes per day on emails & want to check email 3 times per day

180 ÷ 3 = 60 minutes 3 times a day spent on emails
Use a timer

During these email time-frames, use a timer to keep you on task. The timer takes away the concern about how much time you’ve spent or how much longer you have to work. You’ll be amazed when you delete more, you automatically prioritize, and you make quicker decisions.

Follow the 4 D’s of Email

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