52 Weeks of Home Organizing Projects

As we complete the first week of a new year, the clock is already ticking on the accomplishment of our goals and resolutions. Have you made your wish list of organizing projects yet? I say “wish list” because we all know how hard it is to meet our new year’s resolutions AND how easy it is to still have unfinished projects at the end of the year!

What are you going to do differently this year to accomplish all your goals as it relates to home keeping and organization? Like you, I too have struggled as a busy professional in the household management department. Work-life is just so consuming! When you spend your entire day at work and have small kids to take care of at home, it is easy for things at home to pile up and organizing projects to go undone. I have lived this struggle for 9 years. This year, I’m making a change and getting my house in order! Read on if you’d like to join me in 52 Weeks of Home Organizing Projects!


I am a person who thrives on checklists! Having my daily/weekly/monthly schedule of activities written down is what has helped me to be successful in my business. If not for Organized Haven’s checklists and procedures, my team would not have the right resources or knowledge to complete a project accurately and efficiently, if at all.

2021 was a year in which I built my administrative team and found myself struggling to have everything I needed all of the time. Other than the time in 2020 in which we were under stay-at-home orders and we closed down our Winter Haven office, I’ve always had two offices: one at home, and one at work.

It became increasingly difficult over the years to ensure I had everything I needed, at all times. All it took was for one note to be at home while I was at the office and there went my ability to accomplish an important task. Now, working from home full-time, I am able to have access to everything I need at all times of the day.

I’m telling you all of this because these last few months have been challenging to focus sufficient time on my work projects and my home organizing projects. While I’m in my home-office, I have the full site of my family room and part of my kitchen. I have a 2-year-old and a 9-year-old (and a 43-year-old)! 😂 In my home, there is constant pick-up! If you work from home and have a young family, you know exactly what I’m talking about! It is hard to focus on work when you have messes to clean.

It’s also hard to focus on your home when you are a business owner or have a demanding work-from-home job. Work is 24/7 and is constantly calling your name from your home office. My mind is always brewing with ideas and creative solutions with the work I do. So, in my life, my work distractions are more prevalent than my home distractions, even with a 2-year-old! For me, that has caused organizing projects in my own home to lack my attention.

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