Biggest ‘Process’ Mistakes New SMMs Make

Many new Senior Move Managers are also first time business owners, and may not have experience working with business software.

In the beginning, it is understandingly tempting to manage things by hand, perhaps even with just a spreadsheet.

Later once your business has grown, the manual approach is too overwhelming and you need automation. But you find that you have put in place rules that do not lend themselves to automation (whether the software in question is SMMware or another software package).

It is very human and very common that these rules start simple and then get more complicated over time, with additional conditions and exceptions being added.

These three areas are the sources of the most difficulty:

  • Client Hourly Charges
  • Employee Hourly Pay
  • Employee Travel Pay

We suggest not just keeping your rules in your head, write them out. By having them on screen, you will get a visual sense of how complicated they are.

You can take a moment to ask yourself how easy it would be for a computer to understand the proposed rules.

Add exceptions only grudgingly, considering whether software packages might support them.

If you are a new Senior Move Manager, as you plan out how to handle these three areas, we hope you will keep to rules that can be smoothly implemented in the most popular software packages. It will make your transition that much quicker and headache free.