Time And Expense Entry

Why SMMware

SMMware offers a suite of tools to help you handle the day to day operations of your small to medium sized business, and one of the main pillars is SMMware's flexible and powerful tool for time and expense entry.

If your employee worked on one job in the morning and another in the afternoon, they can enter the hours for both from the one screen, no need to enter one and then repeat the process. If the client is not to be charged for certain hours, the employee can enter them as 'nonbillable'. If taxes apply for your company, the employee can also mark entries as nontaxable when needed. They can enter their travel distance at the same time, to be used for both client charges and employee pay.

Expense entries allow the employee to indicate which whether the purchase was made using a company credit card or whether they paid out of pocket such that they need to be reimbursed, and can be marked as nonbillable.

Hours and expenses are easily entered from mobile devices as well as from a laptop/desktop.

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" There are less errors in time reporting as the staff is inputting their own hours which is saving the office having to do it which was an admin function since inception of my own business 19 years ago. I love how the time reporting feeds directly into the invoicing offering a different payroll and billing rate. The payroll detail and the client invoices look so professional when printed. Invoicing is so much easier than how I was doing it before. Many hours are saved with this feature. SMMware regularly sends information to the user community to increase their knowledge of SMMware's robustness."

- Sharon Cofar, A Move Made Easy

A brief overview of time and expense entry in SMMware:

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Features Summary
  • Mobile friendly
  • Sales Estimates
  • Client management
  • Job management
  • Time & Expense Entry
  • Invoicing
  • File uploading/sharing
  • Contact Management
  • Tasks/Notes/Calls
  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • MailChimp
  • Google Calendar
Here is a brief overview of SMMware's features:

Watch more of our videos on our YouTube Channel

With SMMware, it is easy to get started. The first 30 days are free, with no setup fees. And there is no long term commitment, just a simple month to month subscription.