I was born in New Canaan, Connecticut. After a long career, I returned to New Canaan so that Mom could stay in her home of over seventy years, the first one my Dad (an architect) ever designed, in 1948. My father had been left permanently disabled by the polio virus, but luckily had been able to continue working from home. As a teenager, my first jobs involved assisting others living with the long-term impact of polio. My experience in figuring out how to keep Mom safe, in conjunction with the caregiving jobs of my youth, led me to launch Senior Support & Transition, initially specializing in senior-oriented services but extending naturally to serve other age groups. I am an experienced SMMware Administrator who has adapted existing SMM business practices into SMMware installations. I have an extensive 30+ year background as a software development professional with a Masters in Computer Science as well as considerable user and technical documentation experience.